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Time for a short vacation: Book your room with pleasure with us at the Hotel Altes Stadttor in Kastellaun

Group on tour
Be out and about with your friends, have fun, enjoy hotel comforts and indulge your taste buds in the evening...
Group on tour - Altes Stadttor
On the cobbler's horse
Hiking on dream loops, feasting from the backpack
On the cobbler's Rappen - Altes Stadttor
Matter of the heart
Time for two in a rustic atmosphere, spending time together, being specially pampered with culinary delights...
Matter of the heart - Altes Stadttor
Pleasure at the end of the week
Take a little time out from everyday life, enjoy rustic ambience and culinary delights...
Pleasure at the end of the week - Altes Stadttor
Workday Pleasures
Travel on weekdays, rest and enjoyment at special prices
Workday Pleasures - Altes Stadttor
Second home
Just get away from home, feel good in the rustic ambience of the "Old City Gate", have time for excursions, shopping, sleep in, spoil your palate in the evening...
Second home - Altes Stadttor
Enjoying the winter in the Hunsrück, relaxing walks with cap and scarf, strolling through the old town, simply switching off and spoiling your palate in the evening...
Hibernation - Altes Stadttor
Easter in a different way, spend the holidays without stress, be happy about the greeting from the Easter Bunny, take an Easter walk and in the evening treat the palate...
Easter nest - Altes Stadttor